by Mother Linda Ebrahim

Mothers: Our lives were sheltered for nine months in her womb as we were marvelously “knit together” by the Lord’s design. Then, she expended incredible pain and effort to bring us into this world. We honor her for this gift of life.

For some: she cared for us day and night, for weeks and months and years. Showing tenderness and strength, faith and encouragement. There for us in good times and bad.

For others: that caring concern came from one who was not physically their mother but in every other way has been a mother to them.

Tragically, some have never known that tender touch of a mother but the Lord has become that love for them. (“As one whom his mother comforts, I will comfort you” says the Lord in Isaiah 66:13)

I would encourage those of you who are mothers to be careful in your walk, to keep close to the Lord, drawing grace, wisdom and strength from Him so that we can be a blessing to our families and others.

A godly mother is such a precious gift.  My own dear Mother is a prayer warrior, a woman of faith, and one who serves with a loving heart. I am so grateful for her loving influence in my life!  

As we celebrate this Mother’s Day let us not just honor our mothers for one day a year but take the time to honor and show appreciation every day! Thank You, LORD, for the gift of Mothers!

I wish you a joy filled Mother’s Day!